F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

ATC Bus Charter Rental Orlando FL

Q: What is ATC Buses?

A: ATC Buses stands for Avalos Transportation Company Inc. - Coach Bus Transportation Division - is a Safe and Reliable motorcoach transportation company in Orlando Florida providing premier transportation service for private groups and tour agencies across the entire State of Florida and Beyond. Having customers from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Australia or Argentina to date, and more that have used our services. 

As one of our main goals the excellence in service it is just the beginning, ATC is one of the very few between (if not the only one) more than 1000 companies in Florida that over the years have collected/accomplished nearly a perfect record in customer safety and satisfaction having multiple ( True, not made up like most brokers listed in the first Google Organic searches ) 5 Starts in customer reviews all across the internet.

We Strive to provide the best possible transportation service to our customers again and again, we are proud to say that we have raised the standard in the bus industry company-customer relations having an impeccable record in service and safety. Note just very few really take a minute of their time to write about their experience with us online.

Q: Does ATC Buses comply with all safety regulations?

A: Yes, we do.

We are Faithful to Our Motto: Safe -Reliable & Courteous. Maintenance is a priority for us at all times, because of our customers but also drivers comfort and safety.

We provide brokering services for events that require multi level transportation logistics, from Staffing to Transportation services.

Flexibility & Personalized attention are our  "Standard in Service".

Q: Why Should I choose ATC buses before others?

A: We consider the Real Difference specially compared to others, is that our attention is Personalized, even the President of the company sometimes take the groups driving the bus himself.

Also every time you call there is always someone on the other side ready to give solutions... not excuses or worst... silence, our 5 stars in customer reviews don't come that easy.

They have build up over time because good service and caring about our customers is our philosophy of work.

Please search online the words: charter bus transportation Orlando FL and you will see that not only we are the company on top of search engines (top rated on Google, Superpages.com, Yahoo.com, Insiderpages.com, Yellowbot.com, Local, Bing, Busrates.com and others) but the one with unique (not generic) customer reviews.

Besides our $1,000,000+ liability insurance, all our drivers are experienced ones with good driving record, selected not only because of their driving skills and safety record but also according to personality, they understand our motto towards our customers come first at all times. 

Q: What is the best way of contacting us?

A: The best way to contact ATC Buses is via Email or filling out the Get a Quote form, since we can get all the group/trip itinerary information at once, and thus to provide your group with a better and accurate price.

Our Goal is to provide the best price in the area according to the quality of the services provided. 

Q: Is there a deposit required?

A: Yes, for availability of dates, a deposit is needed to start the booking of your group transportation services.

Full payment is required (a charter bus rental transportation industry standard) before services.

We take checks, cashier's check, direct deposit, money orders, traveler's checks, credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and also debit cards.

Q: Does ATC help with extra services?

A: At ATC Buses we understand most of the customers we have want to dedicate their time to enjoy the traveling - tour experience above all, and to absolutely forget about any transportation worries... and because of that one of our main goals is to make your trip a particular one & a great experience with us.

Safe and Great Travels with ATC Buses Orlando Florida. Your premier charter bus rental transportation company in Orlando and State of Florida.